Refresher driving lessons

You haven’t done any driving in a long time?

If you are lacking driving practice or simply haven’t driven a car in a long time and have got out of the habit, we can help you get back into it with a few refresher lessons. It does not usually take very long before you realize that you still have the required skills. Your driving instructor will ease you back into coping with the situations encountered when driving in traffic.


It often happens that license-holders have a quite particular area that causes them problems. Some examples are:

  • motorway driving
  • general observation
  • parking
  • unfamiliarity with driving an automatic car
  • changing lanes
  • driving with a trailer

We can practis particular aspects of driving and road traffic with you. It is no disgrace to have shortcomings in these areas. We can provide you with pedagogical support. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of our professional help.

Refresher lessons for automatic vehicles

Refresher lessons can also be taken using an automatic vehicle.

Stress and fear

Some people find driving a stressful activity or are afraid of driving. There are multiple reasons for this and multiple causes.

Driving instructors are not psychologists or therapists and do not claim to provide psychological or therapeutic counseling – that is not their job.

But they have pedagogical skills in the sector of road traffic and traffic education.

So even if driving instructors cannot identify the mental causes of stress and fear or provide a remedy, they can give assistance from the pedagogical point of view.

Identifying the causes of stress and fear is one thing – dealing with the driving situation in pedagogical terms is something completely different.

And that is exactly the point we address in our Stress and Fear Reduction Programme.